Name/site QTH Telephone Email Products
AC6V USA AC6V Ham Radio Reference Guide
ACOM Linear amplifiers, antenna tuners
Alpha Delta USA Antenna stuff, coax switches
Alpha radio products USA Linear amps
ARRL TIS Database Component search
B&W USA Antennas, Miniductor and Airdux coils
BUD Industries USA Chassis, cabinets, miniboxes
Cardwell Air condensers, inductors
DIFONA Germany Ham stuff, access, Linear amps, station accessories, antennas
Elexp Solder lugs  
F.lli Merlina Italy Ham stuff. Linear amps. Anche usato
Ganzerli Italy Contenitori, scatole
harbach electronics Power RF parts, P.W. Dahl transformers
HI FI 2000 Italy Contenitori, scatole
Int'l Crystals USA Crystals, oscillators, filters
KE9PQ Store Vintage parts, used gear
Linamp UK UK Linear amplifiers, components, transformers, kits
Max Gain Systems RF components, connectors (incl. GR), air condensers, relays, tubes etc.
MFJ USA Accessories
Micronetics GE - CH Tubes, all types, new, used, NOS
Oren Elliott Variable C and L, planetary drives
Parsic Italia Cervia 0544 927468 componenti elettronici ad uso professionale, civile, industriale e hobbistico.
QRO-Parts Russian tubes and parts
Radio Daze USA Vintage radio and electronics
Reimesch Germany Alpin Linear Amp
RF Components RF components, power tubes
RF Elettronica Italy Componenti per RF, toroidi Amidon, fingerstock, ecc.
RF Parts USA Tubes, components, coax relays, Diamond antennas
SARDIF France Radiocommunications 
Sphere research Canada Used electronic test equipment and parts
Surplus Sales of Nebraska Surplus parts
Temas Bregnano (CO) fingerstock catalog
Tube Depot Tubes including some RF power types
WIMO Germany Japanese ham stuff and accessories, antennas (no linears) Power connectors
zeitmann-tubes Receiving Tubes